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Pilgrim Strength: 
a journey to wholeness



Hello!  My name is Avery and I am the founder of Pilgrim Strength.  Welcome!  I am thrilled you are here.  I am still in the beginning stages of discerning what exactly this is going to be, but kept hearing a strong call from God to start with what I got!  I am a Foundations 3 Pietra Fitness certified instructor and will primarily be offering classes both virtual and in person.  All are welcome!  To learn more about Pietra Fitness, click here!

I am a native west Texan and came out to Colorado back in 2007 for college.  'Sko Buffs!  I lived in CO for 11 years before God called my husband and me to venture out east.  We lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years and fell in love with the Steel City where our first daughter was born.  In a surprising twist, God called us back to the Rockies where my husband and I both work in Catholic education.  We have two beautiful daughters and are awaiting the arrival of our son.


I am a cradle Catholic who, like most angsty teens, rebelled for a time before falling back in love with the Church.  Somewhere in my journey I anchored to the idea of a pilgrim and realized I am one.  A pilgrim is somebody who journeys towards a holy and sacred place.  I am journeying towards Heaven but I need help.  A lot of help.  We are body-soul composites (CCC 362-368) and we must strengthen our whole selves.  I strive to strengthen myself physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.  I am not an expert by any means but a humble servant who wants to invite others to journey together.  This is meant to be a community where we can dive further into our humanity, strengthen our selves, and pray for the graces to be sanctified.  


Being a Foundations 3 instructor allows me to teach the Gentle, Intermediate and Advanced levels.  Gentle classes are calm and relaxing and appropriate for all ages and skill levels, great for waking up or winding down and lowering stress!  Intermediate classes build on movements learned in Gentle.  It has a slightly quicker pace allowing us to repeat sequences more frequently.  Advanced classes focus on building endurance and strength and are only recommended after experiencing our other levels.


pietra fitness

"Pietra Fitness is a Catholic fitness program to strengthen your body, mind, and soul.  Pietra Fitness believes that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, a beautiful cathedral for God's glory.  And every Cathedral needs a strong base upon which to stand."  For more information please visit the website by clicking below!

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Pietra Fitness


Pilgrim Strength's blog is a communal blog meaning all are invited to write.  This blog is meant to build community and continue to build our body-soul composites.  Please click below to find out more if you are interested in sharing your words!  



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Lakewood, Colorado

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